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5 benefits of using functional markings in your gym

 When it comes to designing your training spaces, there are more and more options available on the market. Have you considered using functional markings integrated into the floor? Do you want to reinforce your brand image by including your logo and corporate colours? Do you think you need to limit spaces to guarantee greater safety for your clients?

If it’s a yes to any of the above, you definitely need functional markings integrated into the floor of your gym!

 In this article you will find all the possibilities of using markings on your flooring for different training areas and why you should consider including them when redesigning of your facilities.

flooring markings

 The 5 reasons to include flooring markings in your gym

  1. Delimit the space between different areas.

 Help your clients make the most of the space you offer them in different training zones. With functional markings you can designate different areas such as:

  • Stretching zone
  • Functional training zone
  • Add markings to a TRX station so users can easily follow the exercises.
  • Complement machinery such as pulleys or cages.

 The possibilities are endless and you can play with different designs and colours to create unique spaces. 

flooring markings

  1. Makes it easier to maintain social distance.

   One of the main reasons why some people are reluctant to return to the gym, and especially to group classes, is to maintain social distance. Although we are all aware that 1.5m between users is the minimum for any activity, it is sometimes difficult to get your clients to respect their working areas.

 You can include functional markings in group class spaces to make it easier for trainers, optimise space and make it more comfortable for more people to train. 

  1. Substitute functional equipment.

 There are certain equipment’s that can be replaced by functional markings, which gives you several advantages:

  • You will keep the floor clear and they will be able to use it for other activities.
  • You will reduce equipment costs.
  • You will avoid trips and falls.

 You can choose from different designs such as stairs, circles or sprint tracks to offer your clients more training tools without taking up extra space.

flooring markings

4.Add variety to workouts.

 Whether in HIIT or functional training classes, the use of markings is synonymous with variety and a multitude of exercises. In addition, users need markings to set clearer goals and improve their performance. 

 Personal trainers can benefit from the use of the functional markings, as they can measure their clients’ progress and gain a comparative advantage over other training centres. 

 5.Reinforce brand image. 

 Did you know that you can have your logo integrated into the floor? If you want your clients to never forget the name of your gym… this is the way! And they can even photograph it to share it on social media.

  • Design the logo to your specifications.
  • Integrate it so that it becomes part of the floor.
  • Combine corporate colours with more muted tones to create elegant and unique spaces.

At Pavigym we can help you redesign your fitness centre to differentiate yourself from the competition and improve customer retention.

 Ask for a free quote and discover all the possibilities!