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The new Functional training floor that will make you forget about mats

Functional training is a rising trend, thanks to its combination of movements suitable for any age and physical condition. One of the main advantages of functional training is its dynamism and the possibility of doing it with light, easy-to-carry materials. However, finding the perfect flooring for this type of exercise is complicated, since many of them require contact with the floor.

With the new Functional floor from Pavigym you will achieve stability and comfort without having to give up the use of equipment such as dumbbells, medicine balls or Bosus.

functional training flooring

Why is Functional the perfect floor for functional training?

The new Functional has been specifically designed to offer all the comfort and stability needed for functional training or for physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics.


Functional protects the joints

This flooring is point-elastic, which means that the floor only deforms at the point of jumping or impact. Other traditional flooring, such as wood, deforms over the whole area, which can cause discomfort or injury. 

With Functional, impacts are cushioned, and users can jump on the flooring without causing unnecessary impact on their joints thanks to its microcellular polyurethane underlay. 


Functional stands out for its comfort

With this floor you can forget about using mats: it is comfortable and soft, and you can kneel or lie down without the need for extra material. 

Moreover, like all our virgin rubber floors, it is an antibacterial and antifungal floor that prevents unpleasant odours and is easy to clean, as it is waterproof and does not absorb liquids such as sweat. This flooring is perfect for your clients to feel safe while training.


Functional is thermally and acoustically insulating

Training without shoes has never been so pleasant: it maintains a constant temperature throughout the year and insulates from the cold. 

On the other hand, it reduces noise and vibrations produced by the impact of the material during functional training. 

functional training flooring

Functional does not mark

One of the main disadvantages of soft, comfortable floors or even mats is that they are easily marked by the impact of equipment such as light dumbbells, medicine balls or bags. 

Functional, however, is resistant to functional material and does not mark when dropped – a future-proof investment that will make your room look like new even years after it has been installed!


Functional is easy to install

All our virgin rubber solutions are installed with interlocking: as easy as assembling a puzzle. No adhesive is required, so you can move the tiles around or replace any tiles without having to uninstall the entire flooring. What’s more, if you ever decide to move… you can take the floor with you!


The perfect solution for physiotherapy clinics

If you are looking for a flooring that is an additional element in the injury recovery process? Functional is perfect! Versatile, comfortable and with an optimal balance between resistance and friction. Turn the floor into a perfect ally for rehabilitation and make your patients feel safe when they are doing their exercises.

functional training flooring

Want more information?

Have a look at Functional’s website! Ask us for a free quote.