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Top 5 fitness concepts for summer 2021

After the hard time with the Coronavirus, many people have discovered or rediscovered sport as best they could with the restrictions imposed. Whether they are novices or experienced, they have found their escape! These summer holidays are a good time to keep up the good work and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

  While everyone is getting impatient with the reopening of gyms, you must make the difference and offer your members the best services adapted to each fitness concept. 

 Indeed, this summer 2021 will be oriented on the universe of renewal carried by five main fitness concepts: cross-training, HIIT, Callisthenics, Yoga Vinyasa or Home fitness… So it’s up to you to choose on which concept(s) you will position yourself in order to motivate your members more! 




1.Cross-training: performance at its best

 Cross-training or “cross-training” is very complete and aims at total performance. Composed of various exercises usually offered by several disciplines, this intense and unavoidable performance practice will allow enthusiasts to gain muscle, flexibility and lose fat mass. 

 However, to do this, it is essential to limit injuries by first adapting the floor to the practice… Pavigym offers you the solution! 

 With WEXO, you can optimise your space with an alternative form of circuit training that combines a multitude of strength, metabolic, athletic and functional training possibilities. Here, circuit training is adapted to your gym!

 Don’t wait any longer and combine TURF, WEIGHTLIFTING and EXTREME S&S flooring to get the perfect solution!  


Wexo, An Alternative Form Of Cross Training


2. HIIT: high intensity training

 HIIT is high intensity! This split workout alternates powerful exercises, moderate exercises and short recovery periods and is performed in a loop. With HIIT, you’re guaranteed to burn fat! 

 HIIT enthusiasts are looking for a new experience and are eager to try something new. So give your clients the benefit of a brand new, innovative, surprise-filled and unbeatable workout!  

 PRAMA … The most innovative training concept in the fitness industry! 

 This training method is controlled by software, integrating music, light effects and a variety of perfectly selected exercises. With PRAMA and its cutting-edge technology, you are sure to blow your members (and your competitors) away… 



 3. Callisthenics: work on your power and resistance

 Body weight? Gravity? Here’s how to perform intense and diversified exercises. Callisthenics, similar to “street workout”, aims to improve your aesthetics and your physical capacities. This practice, which is carried out in a large space, must be accompanied by a powerful, high-performance floor that can withstand anything! 

  This practice requires that the floors are resistant to damage and absorb shocks to protect callisthenics enthusiasts. 

  Pavigym offers you the choice between ENDURANCE and EXTREME. By choosing one of the two, you are sure not to be disappointed! With ENDURANCE and EXTREME, practicing callisthenics has never been so enjoyable.   


 4. Vinyasa Yoga: the trend-setting discipline

 Much more physical than “regular” yoga, Vinyasa yoga turns the tables by being as powerful as it is relaxing. Based on various series of sequences, this discipline will allow you to evacuate all your daily stress. 

 Do your members want to relax and be comfortable while practicing yoga? Pavigym has just what you need! 

 Choose BODY MIND, the ideal floor for your Vinyasa Yoga classes. Thanks to its pleasant feel and thermal insulation, barefoot classes have never been so attractive!



 5. Home fitness: the new trend

 A new trend! Home fitness has saved us and continues to do so. This home practice consists of working your whole body at home via sports programmes designed for people who want to keep fit.

 Do you want to retain your customers after this tough period and continue to offer them a unique experience while maximising your turnover?    

 Pavigym has the perfect solution! PRAMA HOME FITNESS, the ideal platform that allows you to stand out from the competition with a complete range of exercises adapted to all levels and designed to guarantee effective results for your members. No more doubts, PRAMA HOME FITNESS is what you need!   


home fitness flooring

The top 5 fitness concepts of this summer 2021 are synonymous with renewal and new trends! So, without a doubt, to retain your customers and stand out from the competition, make these fitness concepts as attractive as possible.

So, at Pavigym we are constantly offering to help you by improving your floors and your offer so that your members see you as indispensable!