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The importance of air quality in your hygienic gym

In large part due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic, the responsibilities of gyms are changing irreversibly.

The duty of a gym is no longer to simply provide its members with a space and accessories to work out; we are now bound to protect our clients by offering them the cleanest, most hygienic, and therefore safest facilities possible.  

These changes will define the winners and losers in the new fitness industry, chosen by members who have confidence in the safety provided by their health clubs.

In order to ensure the safety of members, we need to start taking various steps to improve hygiene and promote cleanliness. But here, we’ll discuss construction materials, and more importantly their affect on air quality.

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Knowing that Coronavirus is spread via contact with surfaces, it’s important to keep all surfaces and materials clean. But it’s just as important to bear in mind the effect that gym activity has on those surfaces, and the way that these activities might lower the air quality in your centre.

Various construction materials, including low quality gym flooring, can contain harmful materials and toxins that lower the air quality in your centre. And it’s not only the materials used that can be harmful – the way these materials interact can also be a danger. If your gym flooring is flinging harmful particles into the air, it can put your members and staff at risk..

Pavigym virgin rubber flooring has undergone intensive studies to ensure its safety, leading it to be recognised as the most hygienic flooring on the market.


Pavigym guarantees safety, quality and hygiene:

  • No carcinogenic compounds. 
  • AgBB scheme requirements fulfilled, no indoor air pollution
  • No toxins.
  • Doesn’t release particles into the air

1. First things first, our flooring is certified non-carcinogenic and non-toxic, meaning that you can guarantee absolutely no serious health risks no matter what happens to your flooring or what your customers do to it!

2. Secondly, and to address the point at hand, our flooring fulfils AgBB scheme requirements. The AgBB scheme is the basis for developing the approval principles for health-evaluation of indoor construction products. Therefore, our rating means we guarantee no indoor air pollution, ensuring maximum quality of the air inside your gym.

All this adds up to an extremely hygienic flooring solution. Other floors contain toxic materials or release harmful particles into the air, affecting your gym’s air quality and putting the health of your members and staff in danger.

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All this might seem irrelevant to many, especially as the focus is now on cleaning every last accessory and disinfecting all surfaces. However, if a surface is releasing particles into the air, it’s also releasing all those particles that are on it, too.

This means that if any microorganisms are present on your floor, for example having been brought in by a member, they will then be distributed into the air during training.

We don’t need to tell you that effectively spraying COVID-19 around your studio during sessions is not good for the health of your members and staff, and it certainly isn’t good for business.

Therefore, building materials, including flooring, that don’t release emissions into the surrounding air must be a priority for any hygienic fitness centre in the wake of this pandemic.

So, if you’re committed to hygiene and defeating this pandemic, invest in the best while your doors are closed. Your members will thank you, and so will your staff, and your lungs!

Remember that Pavigym provides the highest quality, non-toxic, hygienic flooring to guarantee the ultimate comfort, safety, and security of everyone involved with your business. Take a look at our range of products and ensure the best experience for your members!