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The Trainer: Tom Dempster

Gym philosophy and PAVIGYM

As an international personal trainer and presenter, I’ve had the opportunity to travel and experience new and very different cultures. As a result, I’ve been able to help countless people achieve their health and wellness goals. This has not only helped develop me as a person but also given me the opportunity to develop and improve the health and fitness industry.

This journey has led me into the world of PAVIGYM, and their pioneering group training concept PRAMA. The PRAMA concept takes everything the health and fitness industry should be and puts it in one unique, high energy, and thoroughly enjoyable class. It allows like-minded people of any age and fitness level to train together whilst getting an awesome workout at the same time. To me, this is what the industry should, and needs to, be. Check the ego at the door.

Have fun. Train hard.

During your last training course in the UAE, could you describe how you chose to influence the trainers with the tool in hand, or in this case the tap of the finger, for a hands-off approach?

TD: The way I like to influence trainers with PRAMA is to emphasise, firstly, the fun side of the programme. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, and we all know PRAMA isn’t that. Fun is definitely a great way to ensure a solid and effective delivery. In addition, it helps to show how the whole system can be utilised to easily programme safe and effective sessions so the trainer can let go and focus more on motivation and class delivery.

PRAMA group training
Tom is a great believer in group training

What has been your preferred, or most used, method of utilising the PRAMA software and what was the objective?

TD: I feel group training and the free training would be my go to on the software. My objectives are to use PRAMA in delivering a solid group.