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Indoor VS Outdoor Training: Which do YOU Prefer?

Each space has its advantages when it comes to training. But with all the options available, the constantly evolving fitness technology, the pros and cons of each type of surface, where is it best to train? We could endlessly debate the positives and negatives of indoor and outdoor training, but we’re in favour of both options. After all, if your goal is to exercise, get in shape, and disconnect, both indoor and outdoor training offer you suitable solutions.

Outdoor training offers mental health benefits.

Both indoor training and outdoor training have their strengths to contribute towards a good training session. For example, many people believe that outdoor training provides greater physical and psychological well-being. This is probably due to the increased cerebral oxygenation it gives, in addition to offering a greater sense of freedom. You’ll probably find it somewhat evocative to go for a run on the beach or a hike in the mountains, surrounded by a natural landscape that lets your escape your head. These outdoor activities undoubtedly lead to better mental health, and, as a result, improve sleep and reduce stress. And they’re completely free, too! There’s even a theory that states that if you decide to train outdoors in winter, it makes your body unconsciously want to warm up faster, and also encourages us to train more enthusiastically.


Indoor and outdoor training
TURF is excellent for both indoor and outdoor training

Indoor training can keep you on the right path.

Indoor training offers a different set of indisputable advantages. Gyms usually count on the presence of personal trainers that help you correct and improve technique while providing added motivation. They also make sure that meteorological conditions aren’t a problem, so rainy days or hot weather won’t stop your training. We also can’t forget the reduced risk of injuries thanks to specialised equipment and support that ensure your workouts are much safer and more effective.



PAVIGYM caters to lovers of both outdoor and indoor training.

We offer the perfect range to introduce into any sports routine, whether training indoor or outdoor. Meet our TURF range. TURF is the most resistant and versatile artificial grass, capable of being installed indoors and outdoors. This versatility also extends to the type of activities that can be performed on it, its density allowing you to carry out drag and friction training, heavyweights, cardio, etc.

If TURF interests you but you’re looking for something more playful, take a look at our alternative range that focuses on playtime and training for children here.

Discover the TURF range for yourself. If you require any more information, contact us and we’ll do everything we can to meet your needs.


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