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Are you more of a gym lover or outdoor training mad? Go out for a run or choose the treadmill…

Each space has its advantages when it comes to training.

We throw into the air the eternal question … where is it best to train? Now we could debate back and forth countless arguments that overthrow the idea of training outdoors and vice versa, but we are in favor of both options, if after all, what you want is to exercise, get in shape and disconnect.
Now, each place has its strengths to carry out a good training session, for example, many people have the mindset that training outdoors provides greater physical and psychological well-being, this is probably due to cerebral oxygenation is given that this increases, in addition to having a greater sense of freedom. You probably find it more evocative to go for a run on the beach or a hike in the mountains, in a natural landscape that will make you forget all the problems or worries that hang in your head. These outdoor activities undoubtedly lead to better mental health, and as a result, improve sleep and reduce stress. And all totally free too!



The gyms also have a series of indisputable advantages such as: the presence of personal trainers that help you correct, motivate and improve technique; meteorological conditions, such as rainy days or a very hot month aren’t a problem; and not to forget, the reduced risk of injuries due to specialized equipment and support that makes your workouts much safer and more effective.

INTERESTING! There is a theory that explains that if you decide to train outdoors in winter, it makes your body unconsciously want to warm up faster, and also encourages us to do it with more enthusiasm, did you know that?



PAVIGYM takes into account lovers of outdoor training as well as indoor.

We have a perfect range to be introduced into any sports routine, whether indoor or outdoor, we are talking about our Turf range. The most resistant and versatile training grass solution that can be installed indoors and outdoors, in addition, this versatility also applies to the type of activities that can be performed on it, the brilliant density allows you to carry out drag training, heavyweights, cardio, etc.

If this Turf interests you, here is a link for you to take a look at our alternative range that focuses on the enjoyment and training of children.

Enter and discover the Turf range for yourself. If you require any more information, do not hesitate to contact us here


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