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Hopscotch, ladders, and the rest of our favourite games are given a whole new lease of life by Kid’s Turf flooring.

Parents, schools, and leisure centres are constantly trying to encourage children to engage in social activities that get them outside and off their computers. However, what some may not know is that research suggests that simple games such as hopscotch can contribute to a big part of a child’s development. A specialist flooring for play areas gives children intrinsic motivation to get outside and play, while saving time in the traditional ritual of setting up and packing away.

flooring for play areas
TURF offers a range of built-in games for children

“Youngsters who are active and having fun are more likely to develop a positive outlook on physical activity.” Dr. Linda Papadopoulos, psychologist.

For children, playing games can be just as important as a sport, as it helps increase their self-esteem and emotional resilience. “Starter activities” such as hopscotch and tag are also a key way of improving coordination and balance before moving on to more sports style activities like netball, football, and rounders.

The important factor is to “keep it fun” added Dr. Papadopoulos, given that play increases children’s physical development and emotional well-being.

Kid’s Turf flooring is a flooring for children designed specifically to allow a choice between a complete range of designs and preset games. This new flooring option opens up a world of opportunities for gyms and sports centres especially with a view to revitalising any creche areas for kids.

PAVIGYM Turf flooring for play areas can be used either indoors, outdoors or both. Its strong fibres ensure that the flooring is durable, resisting sports equipment, weather conditions, and endless usage. It’s also a much safer form of flooring than traditional tarmac playground areas.

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