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4 things to know before choosing your flooring for group X area

In any training facility, a floor needs to be more than just a flat surface to exercise and place some treadmills. It needs to be durable, safe, easy to maintain, allow for optimal performance, and, ideally, it should look good too.

So, how do you know which flooring solution is best for you?

Here you’ll find 3 key points to bear in mind

1. Different activities, different properties

You shouldn’t commit to just one type of floor. Most gyms are multi-purpose. There might be an area for group exercise classes, cardio, another for weights, another for funtional training… You need to find the solution that better fits the needs of each area.

2. Cost effectiveness

Investing in flooring for your gym is an important decision. You need to look for price but also for durability and resistancy.

3. Cleaning

Gyms are sweaty, so you need to have an easy to clean floor surface. Sweat and water spillages will need to be mopped up, scuffs and other marks will need to be cleaned… Better choose waterproof and non-porous flooring solutions, they are easier to mantain.


Your group exercise room needs to have the flooring that better meets the needs of a wide variety of physical activities such as aerobics, Body Pump™, Body Combat™, Zumba™, fitboxing…

Most of us are aware of the most commonly used types of flooring for gyms – rubber, vinyl or wood – and these are all popular choices because they meet some of the aforementioned requirements for a gym floor.

However, if you want a flooring solution to meet them all while being durable and cost effective, you better choose virgin rubber.


Let’s take a look at 4 key things you need to take into account when choosing your Group-X flooring:

1. Look for comfort and mobility.

The excess or lack of friction between flooring and shoes is directly connected to injuries. Choose a flooring solution with optimal friction to avoid injuries.

Pavigym Motion uses an innovative new technology that allows the floor to absorb impacts and convert them into energy to be used in the subsequent movement. This state-of-the-art technology reduces the risk of injury by 80% in comparison with traditional rigid floors.

Besides, it won’t let your members slide even if it is wet while having enough slide for all group activities, such as dancing or aerobics.

2. Choose a resistant solution

Group X activities are now much more demanding than they used to. Falling accessories in most activities nowadays are highly challenging for traditional wooden or vinyl solutions, which will mark and get damaged over the time. Besides, vinyl and wooden floors usually need yearly maintenance and replacement.

You definitely need something much more resistant than that. Pavigym Motion is easy to clean and maintain, durable and will not get marked, even with weight falls!

3. Easy installation

If you look for time and cost saving, better choose loose laid flooring: it is easier to change or replace.

Pavigym Motion is modular (precise interlocking tiles) and it can even be installed on top of your existing floor with no adhesive required… You won’t need to remove your old flooring!

4. Appearance is important

Each gym area has its own personality and style and you should opt for a gym flooring solution that matches the aesthetic of your gym and your brand

Pavigym Motion is available in a wide range of colors to match your corporate image. You can even customise it with your logo!

If you still nedd more reasons to choose Pavigym Motion, don’t miss this article about the key points to consider for you Group fitness classes flooring:

Still looking for other flooring solutions for the rest of your gym areas? We offer gym flooring for all budgets and we have experience working on projects of all sizes. Get in touch to discuss your project today!