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How to keep your clients coming back to the gym in September

Lack of client retention is one of the biggest challenges for any successful gym. With so many gym options, customers are going from one gym to another depending on who has the best offers and programmes. How can you make sure your gym is the only one your customers come back to?   

 You need to keep customers engaged to keep them coming back. After the summer, especially if your customers haven’t frozen their memberships and have unsubscribed instead, they are likely to have other options in mind.   


Take note of the following actions and keep your clients coming back to the gym in September.  

 3 tips to keep your customers coming back to your gym  


Use automation tools  

 This way you can personalise the way you treat your customers without having to worry about it.  

 With detailed personal profiles of each customer, you can tailor your marketing to their individual fitness priorities.  

 With a customer relationship manager (CRM), all interactions with an individual are recorded and stored in a timeline. With this information, you can tailor all your communications with them. Each person has their own priorities and preferences when it comes to fitness. By being able to appeal to an individual’s preferences, you will be able to retain them and keep them motivated.  

 One way to benefit from this information is with newsletters. You can modify your newsletters to focus on the fitness priorities of your customers. It’s a small change you can make that will have a big impact on customer engagement.  


  Improve your activity offering  

 Let’s face it, we all want new things and new motivations. If a gym doesn’t offer new activities and every year it keeps the same timetable, the same teachers and the same formats…. people will run away sooner or later!  

  woman training in the gym

New concepts include:  

  •  Create a Fitness Boutique within your gym, such as a PRAMA room where you can offer exclusive content to your clients.  
  •  Having a Cross Training area where you can offer targeted classes that compete with a BOX. Take a look at WEXO, our Cross Training and weightlifting concept that will help you make the most of your space.  
  •  Offer mind-body activities so that your clients don’t have to look for them outside, such as Yoga or Pilates.  


Do special activities and events on a recurring basis to help them regain their enthusiasm and motivation for being part of a community.  

  back to the gym

Renovate your facilities  

 Last but not least, it’s time for renewal! Every new gym that opens is more up to date than yours, so you can’t stop innovating and constantly improving for your customers.  

 Offering rooms that are of high quality and maintain high hygiene standards can make the difference between your gym and other competing centres.  

 Pavigym fitness flooring offers you:  

  •  High quality and durability.  
  •  Hygiene and odour prevention.  
  •  Spectacular designs: choose from a multitude of colours, insert your own logo or make different areas for each space in your gym.  
  •  Installation and after-sales service: we are a reliable company that is always there for you. With a 4-year guarantee, we know that our products are first class.  


 Let’s get to work because September is here!