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New PRAMA Locations and Openings

We’re delighted at the increasing interest in the sector for our PRAMA concept and are happy to announce our latest PRAMA openings.


BAKU (Azerbaijan)

During the first week of July we carried out the CEAT (Complete Education And Training) in Baku. This new PRAMA is located in a facility with a very interesting concept: a hybrid between gym and rehab clinic.

The CEAT was something new and unusual, as all the participants were doctors and physiotherapists. The course focus differed from the standard delivery as we focused on both fitness and rehab, and explained the applications of our functional training concepts to physiotherapy. It was an extremely interesting course, and yet another new field of application for our concepts.



During the week of July 20th we held a CEAT in our first PRAMA in Middle East located in Muscat (Oman). The club was recently opened in an exclusive area of Muscat, The Wave. The PRAMA room is beautiful, as you’ll see from the pictures in the link above.

We had a great time during the training and we’re sure they’ll enjoy great success due to the new and exclusive options that the PRAMA concept offers them.



We’re delighted to announce the opening of our first PRAMA in Asia. The PRAMA is located in the centre of the city at OPS, Optimum Performance Studio, one of the best personal and small group training centres in Hong Kong. We held the PRAMA CEAT in September and it was a fantastic experience. OPS is a leading facility in the region and act as a training academy for different products and concepts in our industry. Therefore, OPS has now been designated as our PRAMA training academy in the region, providing the CEATs for all our new concepts and activities.

Our PRAMA concept is becoming more and more successful and the next few months we see new PRAMA openings in key locations like New York, Beijing, Munich, Hamburg and many more. We’ll keep you posted in our next newsletters.