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PRAMA becomes the first gym in Europe certified in COVID Protocols

PRAMA has no machines, no physical contact and more space per user than in any other conventional gym. An immersive and fun experience that has now been proven to be the safest fitness concept.

Why do we need a COVID Protocol certification?

COVID PROTOCOL CERTIFICATEWith the fitness industry being one of the most affected by the Coronavirus crisis, PRAMA decided to take the necessary measures to adapt its fitness concept and transform it into the safest workout.

PRAMA has reinvented itself, creating new programmes and formats to offer an immersive and fun training while maintaining distance between users and avoiding contact or exchange of accessories. These changes, along with exhaustive additional prevention and safety measures, well above the recommended standards by the WHO, have lead to the award of the COVID Protocol Certificate. Some of these measures include: ozone disinfection systems, intensive cleaning protocols for installations and materials, new bactericidal flooring, additional space for users (+8m2 per person), temperature taking, hand and shoe disinfection, floor markings to reinforce distancing, and PPEs for all its employees.

The audit, carried out at PRAMA Fitness Alicante (Spain) by the international consultancy company INTEDYA, follows the methodology established by international reference regulations under the indications of the ISO 19011: 2018 standard and analyses 120 key points involving organisational measures, communication, waste management, occupational health or contingency plans. This certificate has not been granted to any other sports centre in Europe due to its demanding standards, including unannounced audits during the first year.

What is the COVID protocol certificate?

prama mesuresINTEDYA is a leading risk management company, present in over 16 countries and servicing customers in more than 25 countries that specialises in consultancy, training and auditing in management systems of both public and private institutions with regards to Quality, Sustainability, Health and Safety, Information Security and Customer Satisfaction.

The audit required for the certificate in COVID protocol is performed by specialised professionals who evaluate management and measures taken, following the WHO and health authorities’ standards. This includes analysis of how the centre is prepared for prevention and response to the risks of the spread of the Coronavirus under the ISO-19011 standard.

The ISO 19011 is defined as the standard that sets forth guidelines for auditing management systems. The standard contains guidance on managing an audit programme, the principles of auditing, and the evaluation of individuals responsible for managing the audit programs. Companies that audit following the ISO standards are the most reliable source for consumers looking to guarantee that their service providers are following guidelines correctly.

PRAMA: The safest fitness concept

PRAMA is a unique circuit training programme controlled by software that combines music, videos, mood lighting, interactive flooring, and high intensity group training. Thanks to this technology, PRAMA Fitness have been able to quickly adapt their programmes to the new safety and prevention recommendations without losing intensity, fun and interactivity.

This COVID Protocol certification has been audited and granted to PRAMA Fitness Alicante, the flagship fitness boutique of the PRAMA concept, located in Spain. However, the entire protocol, including the communication plan, new Safe programmes and all prevention measures, has been shared with all PRAMA studios located all over the world. As a result, the entire PRAMA community will greatly benefit from these exhaustive safety measures.

Most boutique concepts have one rule to ensure profitability: they use a small room and fit as many people as possible inside. PRAMA Fitness has always been different, thanks to its ratio of space to user being much higher than the average. This is one of the aspects that has now led to PRAMA becoming the safest fitness concept.

In practice, PRAMA Fitness Alicante is made up of a total area of more than 450m2, with the PRAMA studio measuring 200m2. Under normal conditions, a conventional Spanish gym of this size could host up to 130 people. However, PRAMA has always placed extra importance on the space to user ratio, and welcomes just 32 people per session in order to provide a premium experience to their members.


Despite their previous concept being perfectly adequate for the current situation, PRAMA Fitness Alicante decided to refurbish the studio to offer even more personal space and distance between users. By adapting the floor markings integrated naturally into the concept since inception, they have now reduced the capacity to 24 members in order to reinforce social distancing.

With the new maximum capacity of 24 users, PRAMA Fitness Alicante offers more than 8m2 of space for each user in a market where the average is 3m2 per user.

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The most hygienic flooring, produced by Pavigym

PRAMA belongs to the premium flooring solutions manufacturer Pavigym, with its flooring solutions being used in every PRAMA studio. Considered among the most hygienic on the market, Pavigym floors are manufactured from impermeable non-porous virgin rubber, easy to clean, and certified bacteriostatic and fungicidal.

Furthermore, they are also manufacturing their own protective face shields, made with EVA, which is also bacteriostatic and fungicidal, to ensure the safety of the team and members.