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How home fitness can maximise your gym’s revenue

Did you know within the first 2 to 3 weeks of lockdown, the demand for home fitness solutions provided by generic virtual operators grew by nearly 780%?

online exercise platform

Gyms and fitness clubs have channelled a huge amount of this demand themselves by offering digital solutions that have allowed them to maintain contact with and retain their members in anticipation of reopening.

In order to deal with the new rise in demand, gyms have employed two types of strategy.

“Some gyms have offered generic digital content through “white label” virtual operators, while other businesses have developed their own online offering through social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube”.



The data we’ve seen so far shows that gyms that offer a generic white label digital solution find retention particularly difficult thanks to the lack of differentiation offered. In other words, users have access to thousands of similar generic workouts for free online and understandably choose those instead.

The success enjoyed by boutiques that have provided their own digital solutions for their members during confinement demonstrates this well. Most of these businesses have chosen to offer live and on-demand streaming services that showcase their coaches, helping to achieve higher retention rates even when their online workouts don’t match their in-person product.

Therefore, in order to convert Home Fitness products into effective retention tools, they should be seen as an extension of the activities provided by gyms rather than a complement to them. Even better, the solution should be aligned with the brand and concepts that the gym employing them represents.


PRAMA HOME Fitness was created to provide gyms with a tool that gives them the best of both worlds: their own content, 100% aligned with the concept they offer with the accessibility, user experience (UX), variability and scalability of a generic virtual operator.

The PRAMA HOME model gives chains the ability to develop their own unique fitness concept that differentiates completely from the competition. Deployment of a concept can be controlled across all gyms, maintaining the consistency of the offer in all facilities. Private content can be offered to clients through 4 different channels: face-to-face with a coach (Live!) through a virtual face-to-face class, a non-stop mode that allows member to choose when to join in and drop out of classes, and finally with the HOME Fitness application, offering the same content that members have access to in person, but adapted to be performed outside the facilities.


A chain’s content creator can publish 4 types of content through the HOME channel provided:

  • Workouts similar to ones performed by members in person in the gym, with exercises adapted to be performed at home.
  • Studio Workouts: Workouts offered by the chain’s own coaches to help increase retention thanks to direct contact between coach and member.
  • Workout plans: Training plans with a defined objective that complement sessions carried out in person.
  • Workshops: Seminars that can be tailored to the needs of each chain in order to guarantee a global offering.

The PRAMA HOME system is also compatible with the same heart rate monitors used in PRAMA and is fully compatible with PRAMA Cloud. Workouts performed through PRAMA Home are registered on PRAMA Cloud in the same way as in-person training, allowing the monitoring of physical activity and improving retention and gamification tools to reach members in any environment.



PRAMA HOME uses adaptable PRAMA technology to give clubs and gyms the ability to offer their ideal workouts without having to worry about implementation, training, and homologation. The nature of the platform allows gyms to develop proprietary exercises using any equipment, or use generic exercises hosted on the system to offer their own personalised experiences to their members.

This service is based around videos of any and every exercise, quite literally, to content creators. They then select and combine exercises or create their own to offer any type of workout, for any type of member, at any level. The exercises, the platform itself, and the Cloud technology are all personalised to the gym’s brand, meaning members are interacting with the brand at every stage of their fitness experience.



online exercise platform

Thanks to the tools made available by the PRAMA Home system, every gym can engage their members in person and digitally, allowing clubs to access the home market and interact with users where until now it’s been impossible to reach them. Users that traditionally prefer to exercise at home but need help and advice regarding diet and routines are now accessible, as well as those who sign up for a month and never come back.

Every gym can bring their unique offering to the home environment, while making it perfectly consistent with the activities and concepts they offer in their centres. In addition, this system doesn’t just allow gyms to reach previously unreachable parts of the market, gym routines, concepts, exercises, activities, workshops, and digital proposals are all manageable by one content creator or a small team, putting the potential to capture the entire market into the hands of gyms.

To find out more about PRAMA Home and how it can increase both your retention levels and your competitiveness with other chains, contact us.