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Pavigym gets the First Circular Economy Award

At Pavigym we care about the sustainability of our products. For this reason, we are constantly working on improving our processes to be more efficient, more ecological and more eco-friendly.

This has led us to obtain the first Circular Economy Award of the Rubber Industry.

Do you want to know what it means and why we have been awarded this award? Read on!.

Pavigym, awarded the First Circular Economy Award

Pavigym has been awarded the First Circular Economy Award in the category of “Environmental Indicators for Micro and Small Companies”.

This award was given by the National Consortium of Rubber Industriy which, in October 2019, launched the First Circular Economy Award for the Rubber sector with the aim of recognising the commitment to the principles of Sustainable Developmen.

The Circular Economy Award recognises the efforts that companies make to improve environmental indicators related to:

  • Waste generation
  • Energy consumption
  • Solvent consumption (VOCs)

This award aims to encourage a continuous improvement in the field of the Circular Economy, promoting the implementation of actions focused on achieving greater levels of transparency, environmental impact management and sustainable economic growth.

“At Pavigym we have always known how to reinvent ourselves. For this reason, we have gone from manufacturing footwear rubber soles to becoming a world reference in the fitness sector.”

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We are currently the leading supplier of flooring for the fitness industry worldwide. Our innovative character and customer orientation have enabled us not only to adapt to changes, but also to become a pioneer in the international fitness market with our interactive solutions such as PRAMA.

On the other hand, our environmental commitment has led us to develop a complete sustainability plan based on the eco-design of our products, efficiency and recycling of materials.


All about Pavigym’s circular economy approach

Our growth pattern is based on a circular model in which environmental and economic resources are integrated to achieve a sustainable, low-carbon, resource efficient and competitive business model.


“We help to manage waste by giving it a useful life. We create new products by recycling and we manage to close the life cycle of our products”


1. Eco-design

After a deep analysis of the product, the eco-design of our products allows us to reduce the costs associated with the amount of materials used and to optimise transport and processes efficiency. The final outcome is a product with a lower carbon footprint that helps us to reduce our environmental impact.

Eco-design can lead to economic savings and a reduction of the environmental impact of up to 80%.

2. More efficient production processes

At Pavigym we are constantly evaluating our processes, revising and redefining what has been established, implementing new control technologies… All this to achieve economic savings related to the disappearance of inefficiencies, shorter cycles, lower waste generation and lower consumption of materials.

Efficiency in the production process means lower energy consumption and lower waste generation

3. Industrial symbiosis

At Pavigym we collaborate with other companies to find new ways of managing resources and, therefore, to reduce the waste associated with production.

4. Recyclable products

One of our commitments is to ensure the recyclability of our products. Our flooring solutions are made of virgin rubber, a material that can be recycled without losing its properties. That’s why our products are recyclable.

On the other hand, the nonrecyclable materials have been reduced to a minimum, and they are managed by internationally certified companies that are responsible for their proper management.

The recycling of rubber is one of our competitive advantages. 

5. Use of recycled materials

The use of recycled materials is a basic aspect of our circular business model, in which waste can be converted into resources.

As a matter of fact, some of our products are made of recycled materials:

Our Extreme fitness floor solution is made up pf a blend of recycled rubber waste + sandpaper dust left over from the rubber sheet.

This combination makes it the gym flooring solution with the highest degree of resistance and impact absorption in our entire product range. That’s why Extreme is the perfect floor for the heaviest training areas.

It is a 100% recycled product consisting of two layers:

  • The top layer is the same as our Extreme solution (made from recycled rubber waste + sandpaper dust from the rubber sheets)
  • The bottom layer, which is only in contact with the ground and never with the user, is made from a tyre-grinding mixture.

This composition provides maximum noise and vibration absorption.

The top layer is made of virgin rubber, with the same properties as our Endurance solution. The bottom layer, like Extreme S&S, is a mixture of tyre grindings.

This composition makes Endurance S&S a high-performance gym flooring, with great noise and impact absorption, but with a touch of design. The perfect solution for free weight room.

All these products have unique technical properties (such as impact absorption and noise reduction) that help to improve energy efficiency and reduce pollution once installed. These products participate actively in overall sustainability and energy efficiency.

Using recycled material in our gym flooring solutions means a reduction in the carbon footprint of our products

6. Certification of facilities and processes

At Pavigym strive for excellence in all we do. For this reason, and to show our commitment to the customer experience, we have worked hard to achieve different international certifications (not mandatory) in order to provide a higher level of quality, prestige and added value.

  • ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 is an international quality and process control standard aimed at achieving processes improvement.

It defines a quality management system based on 8 management principles and a continuous improvement cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act). This has a direct impact on the management of savings and cost reduction.

The ISO 9001 standard certification:

– It provides the organisation with a self-evaluation system focused on continuous improvement, based on pioneering quality management systems.

– It has a direct impact on improvingcustomer experience     

  • ISO 14001 Certification

The ISO 14001 certification is an international standard that seeks the implementation of an Environmental Management System.

PAVIGYM is certified in ISO 14001 and, more specifically, PEMARSA, in its activities of design and manufacture of EVA, rubber and recycled derivatives.

This certification allows us to demonstrate our responsibility and commitment to the protection of the environment.

The ISO 14001 standard helps us to manage and identify the environmental risks that may appear in our production process. With this certification, we ratify our commitment to sustainable management.

Furthermore, by following the ISO 14001 standard, we achieve a substantial improvement in the management of resources.

The voluntary-based certification involves an increase in production and economic benefits in the medium term.