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Increase your gym retention with group-X activities

gym retention with group-X activities

If anything is popular in sports clubs, it’s group-X activities. Most members of a club stay loyal for years thanks to these kinds of activities. In fact, group-X classes have become a great source of income and a powerful retention tool for the fitness industry.

That’s why top health club managers know that increasing participation in group-X activities is essential to high revenue.

How to increase gym retention in Group Classes

The best way to start is to consider the different training programmes as potential communities that your clients want to join.

1. Create a communitygroup-X activities

Group fitness is based on the creation of a community, and the feeling that members have of being in a second home.

There are many selling points for group classes, such as the diversity of workouts offered, external motivation, or having a trainer getting the most out of the class at all times. For your group classes to be a success, you have to get users to be fans of your programmes.

2. Get your members’ attention

Members who have been in group classes for a while and are already hooked are not your target. You need to find a new target group which will increase participation in group classes and increase their bond with your gym. Each class has to be an experience; you have to offer something different from your competitors, so your target clients see these classes from outside and want to be part of them.

In the end, word of mouth is important in a club and if you have happy members, they are likely to attract more members.

3. Introduce new activities

One of the best tools for attracting new members is to introduce new activities in your gym, promote them through your trainers, or even create an open-house event for potential customers to try out new offerings. It’s important that your entire team has good internal and external communication, to make sure that each of your members receives the information you want to transmit.

For example, encourage your fitness staff to recommend group activities to balance some members’ weekly routines. You can also count on personal trainers to suggest some group classes as part of their client’s routine.

4. Offer a premium experiencegym retention

Your members value every detail you offer at your centre, from a good instructor and a varied and complete schedule, to facilities where they feel comfortable. Now more than ever, a renovated and hygienic centre will attract those who previously only looked for a low price.

We recommend that you use suitable flooring for your group classes to ensure that your clients feel comfortable. Our Motion Group-X flooring is perfect for all kinds of group activities, from the most intense, such as free weights or aerobics, to the most relaxing experiences, such as Yoga or Pilates. It gives you a floor that absorbs impacts and converts them into energy, reducing your clients’ fatigue and the risk of injury. Combined with our Comfortgym bacteriostatic and fungicidal mats, you will have your group activity room ready for the most demanding clients.

5. Keep your customers’ attention

Once you get a customer to try out a group class at your centre, how do you get them back? If they don’t feel part of the group or the type of activity doesn’t fit with their goals, it can be difficult to get them to commit. It’s important to get your team to interact constantly with members, getting to know their names, likes and dislikes.

“The key is to make every customer feel special, something that in large clubs is easy to forget.”

Both trainers and reception staff must be in constant interaction with clients. Encourage all your staff to participate in group classes so they know what they’re talking about. After all, if your staff are passionate about group classes, it will be much easier for them to share this enthusiasm with clients.

6. Renew your classes

The last retention tool we’re going to talk about is the use of creativity and variety in training. Depending on the type of club, customer demographics and the company’s own personality, classes may be oriented in one direction or another. Maybe HIIT-based programming works very well in one club, while in another body-mind activities are the key.


The ultimate solution for your gym

gym retention group-X activitiesWhatever the personality of your club and your clients, at Pavigym we offer you the best solutions for gym flooring in the market (include the link: . You can choose a HIIT room with markings to position your customers in a circuit and reinforce social distance… or perhaps you would like to try the most comfortable floor for Yoga and Pilates, attracting a more experienced public. If you also want to expand your facilities with outdoor areas, our TURF (Include link to ) is the ideal solution.

The retention of group classes is based on creating an organic community within your centre, where you can get your own clients to become the best salespeople

In short, whether your club is small or large, every client needs to feel that they belong to a group; they need the sense of community.