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5 steps to create an outdoor area in your gym

tips outdoor training

Do you have an outside area in your gym and you are not taking advantage of it? Then, you are losing money. Using outdoor space will not only increase your profitability -by attracting new members and increasing the use of the centre- it will also make you stand out from the competition.

Nowadays, your customers want to feel safe and they avoid overcrowded and closed spaces. Offer them a well-kept and well-prepared outdoor area so that they can train outdoors with great added value.

Do you want to find out how to create this new area in your gym? Keep on reading!.

5 steps to create your outdoor zone

1. What are you going to use that space for?

First, you must consider the kind of activities your clients will be able to carry out in that area. Depending on its size and location, you have different options:

  • Create an open area where your clients can train on their own or take group classes such as yoga, pilates or stretching. This is the simplest and most economical option, as you will hardly need any extra material and the area will be completely versatile.
  • Add a power cage or a TRX® rack to lighten your weight room so that the bulk of your members don’t crowd in. You can also create classes using this material such as cross-training, HIIT, calisthenics or functional suspension training.
  • Set up good loudspeakers and hold dance classes, choreographic activities or HIIT. Keep in mind that depending on where your outdoor area is located, you may not be able to turn the music up too loudly. If that’s the case, this may not be the best option.

Evaluate what your members demand most and the other spaces you offer in your facilities before deciding on one or the other option.

tips outdoor training

2. What equipment do you need?

Once you have decided what you are going to use your outdoor area for, you should consider what equipment you are going to need. You don’t even have to buy it, you can use the equipment you have in other areas of the gym…

Bear in mind that not all the materials are suitable for outdoor use, so we recommend you to store all the equipment that is easy to move (dumbbells, kettlebells, mats, balls, etc) in a covered area when the gym is closed.

On the other hand, if you add racks, make sure they can withstand your weather conditions.

3. What floor are you going to put in?

Make sure you choose the proper floor for your outdoor area, a flooring solution that won’t fade in the sun or lose its properties over time.

At Pavigym we offer you several options, so you not only have a resistant and quality floor, but also a design that meets your expectations:

  • PAVIGYM TURF: the best option to give a natural touch to your outdoor area and turn it into a versatile and pleasant space where to train.

Suitable for sun and shade, rain and cold, our turf is perfect for running, jumping, sledding or lying down to stretch after a hard training session. With endless design and marking options, you can create a space to suit your clients’ needs.

  • PAVIBASIC CT: with a high resistance to shocks, this surface will not be slippery, even if it rains. If you have chosen to offer cross-training in your outdoor area, this floor covers all the needs of this trendy discipline. Check out here some ideas to give your facility a new look.

4. Make sense of the schedule

Take advantage of the best hours to use the outdoor area, depending on the orientation, the weather and the season. Keep in mind that you might need to install a tent or a roof to protect your members from direct sun or heavy rain.

In any case, if you are going to organize group activities, better choose the hours for them to feel comfortable in your outdoor area.

On the other hand, it is important to not cannibalise your own range of activities with the new area. If you have activities that fit into that area, move them around but don’t add duplication to your schedule or you’ll just get people to spread out. But if your classes were already packed… you have the perfect solution!

5. Promote your outdoor area

Last, but not least; for this area to be successful and for your clients to appreciate the added value of an outdoor training space, make sure that everyone is aware of this area and uses it.

To get them to take advantage of this new area we advise you to

  • Take outdoors some group classes that were indoors. This way, all the users who went to those classes will try this new space.
  • Encourage the personal trainers to take advantage of the outdoor area with their clients to perform the routines that are adapted to that space.
  • Publish photos of the outdoor area on social networks and on the website.

“Without a doubt, the best investment for this year is to offer outdoor spaces that are attractive, useful and where maintaining social distance becomes a simple task”.

Improve your retention, attract new clients and take advantage of every square metre of your facilities with an outdoor area designed by Pavigym.