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Why outdoor training has become a gym’s best friend

The Coronavirus outbreak has presented gyms with the challenging task of opening up to a very different world, where safety and prevention are now a priority.

In general, gyms are spaces in which a lot of different people usually share equipment and space. This means that there’s a relatively higher inherent risk of transmission due to the nature of the gyms themselves, which is why it’s necessary to look for alternative solutions and take much stricter preventive measures.

The fitness industry is preparing to welcome its members with open arms. The new gym environment will offer a different way to exercise, with sanitising stations and new health and safety procedures.

New practices need to be implemented to protect members and encourage them to return safely

New trends in the fitness sector: home and outdoor

The fitness sector is reinventing itself after the COVID-19 crisis (as it has done many times before). This time, it’s a crisis that has brought new trends such as the increase in home fitness or outdoor sports practices. The relaxing of lockdown rules and the good weather have coincided, favouring those who prefer outdoor activities due to their safety and comfort.


Offer added value to your clients with outdoor training

If your members seem hesitant to return for fear of the Coronavirus, it’s crucial that you offer them added value. Working out in the fresh air is accessible to everyone, but it’s much better in a dedicated area that’s comfortable and that offers all the necessary material to carry out different exercises. Users will prefer to keep paying their membership fees if they have access to an open space, without crowds, where they can perform functional or free weight training, calisthenics, or yoga.

People want to be able to perform their exercise routine outdoors. By expanding the training options in your sports centre, you’ll be able to attract people looking for variety. Many people may not use these areas as often, but it’s a good sales pitch to a community that’s increasingly averse to crowds.

Improve your ratio of user/m2

If your indoor facilities aren’t as effective as they used to be, it’s a good time to invest in improving the exterior. With the same number of users, you’ll increase the user / m2 ratio offering a comparative advantage to those people who are having trouble deciding whether or not to return to training in a gym. In addition, you can free up space in the functional areas in your weight room or make classes taught outside more profitable, offering more places per session.

More versatility for personal trainers 

One of the great difficulties for personal trainers is finding free space where they can train their clients at peak times. Including an outdoor area in your facilities will give them the option of varying their training, helping improve the retention of their clients (and yours). In addition, it makes it much easier for them to correct or explain exercises without physical contact and therefore avoid breaking social distancing rules.

The best option for your outdoor area: PAVIGYM TURF

If you’re looking for a high quality, lasting solution for outdoor training, the best option is to invest in PAVIGYM TURF:

  • 84,000 stitches per m2. This density guarantees grip and comfort when performing exercises that require a high level of resistance from the flooring.
  • With a thickness of just 22mm and a weight of 6.500gr per m2 depending on the model, we’ve achieved a perfect balance between maximum impact resistance and ease of installation
  • Reinforced resistance to UV rays makes our Turf the ideal solution for places that receive a lot of sunlight. Whatever colour you choose, it won’t lose its tone or vibrancy.


A premium outdoor area

This is a product that will allow you to add functionality to your outdoor areas, without compromising on elegant design. The various colours available allow you to adapt your flooring to your brand.

Even better, our turf is customisable, meaning you can add your brand or any markings you want. This lets you designate specific areas or create training circuits without the need for further investment or extra material.

The best way to define spaces, make outdoor training more versatile, and ensure a quality, premium finish for your outdoor installations.

Take a look at the Turf options we have available.