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This Summer, PAVIGYM’s PRAMA integrated with MYZONE; a social and game-based exercise tracking platform, to help provide a seamless experience for operators who’ve invested in both systems.

One of the challenges gyms are tackling right now is the desire to implement tracking or technology across the fitness product. Selecting a technology universally adaptable is a complex and complicated mission, especially taking into consideration the whole host of different options available.

Our mission has always been to provide the best combination of technology to engage with and inspire every type of user to move more, therefore it was a natural fit to integrate with a like-minded brand like MYZONE, providing our customers with options to simplify their operations and processes.

With a MYZONE account already set up online, a member arriving for a PRAMA class and wanting to keep a check on how hard they’re working only needs to wear their monitor for class. PRAMA screen will display MyZone effort levels throughout the duration of the class.

Richard Gracia, Services Director at PAVIGYM explains: “For us, integrating with MYZONE is part of building the ultimate, immersive experience. At the very base level, we can build MYZONE functionality into PRAMA programming with competitions to earn MYZONE points, whilst the system will demonstrate that no matter how versatile the class concept, every movement counts. This is a great development towards encouraging every kind of audience to move more in different ways.”

Jonathan Monks, EMEA Director at MYZONE added: “PRAMA’s integration with MYZONE highlights our mutual philosophy of sharing value to benefit the experience of both operators and users. Further, there’s clear synergy between both of our brands as we create fun, engaging and positive exercise experiences for health club members.”