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Whole body movements and weight training are known for burning calories, stimulating muscle growth, and increasing strength and bone strength.

The best exercises are those that help you perform daily tasks outside the gym safely, like carrying your suitcase or moving furniture. Rather than relying on machines that only train movement in one plane of motion, free weight training allows you to move through all three planes of motion as you would in everyday life.

Using free weights requires on core stability so that you control the weight and don’t wobble when performing each exercise, an added benefit that machines don’t offer. You may be performing an overhead press, but you still need to engage your quads, glutes, and stomach muscles to support and control the movement of the dumbbells or barbell.

Flooring for weight training areas
Free weight training is beneficial for core strength

This also results in increased balance. You might prefer HIIT or yoga, but including some free weights training in your regime will increase your balance. This will give you a huge benefit when it comes to trying more difficult yoga poses or maintaining form when you start to fatigue in a HIIT class.

The free weights training room can be pretty hectic, particularly in January when most of us are trying to lose the extra calories we’ve piled on over the holidays. We also know some gym members can get overly enthusiastic on their dumbbell bench press or when celebrating those PBs, all of which can quickly add up to a tired looking weights training area in no time at all.


PAVIGYM ENDURANCE changes that. It’s designed to last longer than you when you PB your squat, bench press, and clean and jerk. The high-density virgin rubber is perfect for heavy impact and noise absorption, making sure your weight training zones are no longer louder than your music. Gone are the days of tired and damaged training rooms caused by equipment.

If you need an added layer of protection from vibration, ENDURANCE combines with our ACOUSTIC range to protect building structure. Ideal for upper floor gyms, workout zones in residential or corporate areas, or more delicate buildings, the ACOUSTIC range prevents noise and vibrations affecting your workouts, your sub-floors, and your neighbours. Combined with our S&S versions of ENDURANCE or EXTREME, our specialist flooring for weight areas, the ACOUSTIC range offers the best free weight flooring solution.

Our flooring comes in a variety of colours to suit your branding and space, ensuring you achieve the most stylish and resistant free weight training area.

Got questions about what our flooring can offer your studio or gym? Contact the team to find out more!