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Per is part of the first group of trainers that were trained to become a certified PAVIGYM Master Trainer in Alicante, 2012. He was born in Sweden but he has been living in Oslo (Norway) for many years.

Per has a personal training studio called Power Place in Oslo with Pavigym markings and 3.0 units. Per has taught many CEATs (One Day training) for PAVIGYM in several Scandinavian countries.


Here you have more information about Per as well as some pictures and videos:

I live in the countryside, 50 km from Oslo on a small farm.
My biggest hobby is surfing. Other sports I practise are cross country skiing and indoor hockey. In general, I like any sport with a ball!
During my professional life he has been at different job positions: Waiter, Bartender, Travel guide, Ski guide, Receptionist, Night guard, Airplane host, Excursion guide, Assistant manager, General manager, Country Manager, Reconstruction manager, Franchise manager, Management for hire, Owner, Concept developer, Fitness instructor, Cross country ski instructor level 3, Spinning instructor, PT, Surf instructor, Bootcamp instructor, Power Plate level 3 instructor, Cross Core 180 Master trainer and last but not least, Pavigym Master trainer.
I like Pavigym for the possibility to adapt the training to sports and real life and for the open source format that allows the training to be varied in unlimited ways.
Professionally I’m specialised in: Concept development, Concept startup, Functional exercise…

Here are 2 links so you can see Per