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Skater forward/back at Square with Anchor

Skater forward/back at Square with Anchor:

Main muscles involved:

Legs, glutes, core and upper body.


  • Attach the bands to the anchor and to the belt.
  • Put the belt around your waist.
  • One leg jump using skater technique movement landing with an external leg on the external square of the grid.
  • Jump from side to side of the grid using the 4 squares at the edges like shown in the video.


Having to land inside the 4 squares of the grid will make the user work on precision and awareness while the elastic bands attached to the anchor will offer resistance to increase the intensity and work strength. The elastic bands will offer an increasing resistance when jumping to the further row and less resistance when jumping to the row closer to the anchors.

A variation option would be to jump only in one of the rows, this way anchor resistance will be the same and movement will be just sided to side, not having to jump front and back.