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Nick was trained in Las Vegas in 2013. He is our first Master Trainer in the USA and covers, apart from the USA, also Mexico for us.

Here you have more information about Nick as well as some pictures:

Nick is a Minnesota native that grew up playing sports and working out to improve in those sports.  In college he developed a fascination with the human body and how resilient and adaptable it is.  He earned a degree in Exercise Science and soon started a personal training career where he focused on movement patterns and muscular imbalances.  He started to see that proper training for function should be done in all three planes and should branch out from the typical strength based movement patterns.  He began researching how to train someone through different everyday movements safely and effectively.  He started adding to his certifications by attending seminars by leading functional training instructors such as Chuck Wolff, Michol Dalcourt, and Ian O’Dwyer.  During this time he also traded in the snowy winters for the beaches of Southern California where you can train and enjoy the outdoors in shorts and a t-shirt all year round.  He now trains clients in a way to increase their functionality by taking them through dynamic, multidimensional, goal-based movements.  He also works with Corporate Wellness facilities and instructs trainers on how to successfully run group bootcamps style classes that are both safe and effective.

Nick was introduced to Pavigym and quickly realized it matched up great with his form of training.  It creates spatial references to allow clients to reach a goal in every movement, create a multidimensional target, receive instant feedback based on distance, and use their body as the goal oriented machine it is.  The Pavigym equipment makes working with multiple clients at once easy because it shows them were to go next in a circuit and allows the trainer to concentrate on correcting form and keeping the environment fun and safe.  It is vital to any successful functional group training model.

In his free time, Nick likes to play sports such as football, soccer, basketball, and pretty much anything else.  He also likes to get out into nature.  He is an avid hiker, high pointer, and landscape photographer.  He is married with his first child due in November.