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Single leg triangle bouncing on Dots

Main muscles involved:

Legs, Gluteus


  • Standing in one single dot leaving two paired dots at your left and right.
  • Perform single leg bouncing with your right leg using the single dot and the 2 paired dots on your right in a triangle fashion.
  • Start bouncing slow and as you feel comfortable speed it up until you do it as fast as possible that you are able to do it without bouncing out of the circles.
  • Once you reach the maximum speed stop and repeat the exercise with the left leg.

Main quality worked:





This exercise can also be performed by beginners or intermediate users by adjusting the performance speed. A good variation for advanced users is to pass them a medicine ball while they are doing the exercise at a fast rate, so they need to grab the ball while they keep coordinating the leg bouncing. That is a good variation to dissociate movement and make the brain think on two different actions at the same time for the lower and upper body.