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Spotlight on Area 45 Fitness Studio: Integrating PRAMA into your business

We caught up with Revan Hermiz, the ambitious, driven and charismatic co-owner of Area 45 Fitness Studio based in Troy, Michigan, about why he chose PRAMA in March this year, their journey and how members have responded to the newest PRAMA studio in town.

“When I saw the product for the first time, I was like “WOW, what is this!?” It was nothing like I had ever seen before and I knew this was something that was going to be huge in the US, that I had to act quickly, go all in and make sure we were involved.”

Area 45 Fitness is one of the debut facilities in the US to be first and foremost a PRAMA studio, rather than a gym with a dedicated PRAMA area: “We wanted PRAMA to be our niche in the market, it’s what we thrive on and it is an experience that right now locally, no one can offer. There are a lot of boot camps and cardio workouts out there, but nothing with a full HIIT workout and interactive sensors quite like this.”

With any new business, it’s challenging and the first year is the hardest. As Revan says, “Not only did we open a new business with a new concept, it’s a new style of workout in a new upcoming area. At the moment, our main and most successful source of advertising has been through social media. Not only does it show our facility and style, but it also prompts a lot of people to visit the facility and try a drop-in class. We have adjusted this over time and now offer a 1-week free trial.”PRAMA

Revan is in the process of hiring 3-5 new trainers to join the training team. “We’re building a team in preparation for peak season, so it’s a really exciting time ahead. My main belief when starting a journey like this is that it starts with the leadership, my trainers know I care and although we are corporate in many respects, we are all about making this facility a comforting place to work and workout in…. It’s like being in a luxurious home with the most high-tech equipment out there!

“It’s amazing to see the sense of community that has developed with our members. Even when we have drop-in guests, I can count on our members to make them feel comfortable. They’re so enthusiastic about the product and encouraging newcomers that this will be the best workout they’ve had.” This was also why Revan felt that he was a great fit with PAVIGYM, “They’re a tight-knit group like a family; they allowed us to open up and let us embody the brand in the US.”

“We wanted Area 45 Fitness to be a facility where members felt like they knew the owner, that they know every class will be different and tailored to their fitness level. With all of our classes, we offer two workouts at each station in order to factor in different abilities, so there is a HIIT and “LIIT” option so everyone can work at their own pace.”

Revan embodies this relationship with his members and his trainers. “Once the team have gone through training of the product and are comfortable with how to put their classes together, I like to empower them to show their own training style. They have their own ideas, a variation of workouts and I don’t want to restrict them or stop them from tapping into their potential. This not only works for our members because they may prefer a certain instructor’s training perspective, but it also means that our trainers are self-motivated and are coaching in a way that is personal to them.”

To find out more about Area 45 Fitness, head here.

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