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Web Side lunges

Main muscles involved:

Legs, Gluteus


  • Standing in the centre circle of the web.
  • Perform unilateral side lunges alternating left and right leg.
  • Target one of the line references along the web circumference for every lunge keeping an order along the circle.
  • First cover the marking lines at the front and then the marking lines at your back.

Main quality worked:





This is a good exercise to work the lower body strength with beginners. The exercise is easy to perform as they just have to follow the reference marking lines in order. To adapt or create variations you can use the range of motion… start with a small ROM and as they feel comfortable and improve the strength at their legs you can go to a bigger ROM.

An optional variation is to use a light medicine ball and do a front raise as they lung, this might also help them to be more balanced as they perform the lunges in case they struggle with balance.