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To end October with style – and strength – we caught up with these leading PRAMA studios around the world to collect their top moments this month, that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Harbour Club Kensington, London’s debut PRAMA studio.

These kids are keeping their parents on their toes with this fast feet challenge! The exquisitely designed gym provides an extensive range of classes, with sessions for families and children in their bespoke PRAMA studio.


The latest London destination to workout, play, work and unwind.

 2. Fairmont the Palm in Dubai corners all things boxing, demonstrating PRAMA’s adaptation to developing coordination, speed and skill.

Peter Barron shows us how it’s done here with pad work to focus on balance, reactivity and agility.

Peter Barron
Trainer Peter Barron hosts group boxing and HIIT sessions at Fairmont The Palm.

3. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee? Lopik Fit in the Netherlands are is at it as well, expanding their boxing class schedule to encourage kids to move more and get involved in fitness. This team of ninjas are ready to work.

Lopik Fit

If you didn’t catch our latest blog on what we can be doing to actively encourage modern-day families to move more, just click here.

4. Ladies that lift. Innovative Fitness Dubai show off their strength training and skills progressions with dumbbell work, basketball drills and bodyweight work – you name it, they’re working it! A great example of what it means to be a PRAMA studio by challenging, pushing themselves and encouraging one another.

Innovative Fitness Dubai

Innovative Fitness Dubai

5. Centre court. Prafitgym Israel have tailored their PRAMA studio for sports specific-training racquet sports and gymnastics. Check out this video – all stations are adapted to specific gymnastic skills and they even changed up the fast feet drill to ‘fast hands!’

PRAMA is adaptable to your training needs and provides a unique interactive fitness experience so that your members can choose how they wish to train. All any one needs to do is #pushplay